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SBCS 2014 Convention

October 24, 25, and 26, 2014, Nashville, Tennessee

It’s time to start planning! Which souvenir buildings will you bring to the Auction or donate to the Raffle?  Do you have enough buildings to have a half table or a full table at the Swap Meet? Or are you just going to add to your collection? Do you have a couple of favorite buildings  you just can’t wait to share their stories at Show and Tell?

Photo of Swap Meet
SWAP MEET. Gettysburg 2003

The 2014 SBCS Convention is just around the corner. The program is set, the excitement is building (pun intended), all that is needed is your registration and enthusiasm.

The program includes a walking tour and a driving tour, a visit to a SBCS collector’s home, swap meet, business meeting, and a southern-style dinner in an 1840s, residence. and, of course, the Auction.

Click Here to view the program.

Click Here for Registration Form.

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