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Space Shuttle on crawler transporter. Kennedy Space Center, FL.
Space Shuttle on Crawler Transporter, Kennedy Space Center, FL. 7 1/2 ” in height. Gray Metal.

The Count-down has begun.

Seven (7) more days to register and receive a discount to the 2105 SBCS Convention in Orlando, Florida.

Twenty-two (22) days to the opening of the SBCS Exhibit of Souvenir Buildings at the Orlando City Hall.

Twenty-seven (27) days before Souvenir Building Collectors begin arriving at the Embassy Suites – Downtown Orlando.

Twenty-eight (28) days before a meet-greet-eat soiree at Marty & Jakob’s.

Twenty-nine (29) days before the Business Meeting, SBCS Swap Meet, Bus Tour to Lakeland, SBCS Dinner, Auction, and Raffle.

Thirty (30) days before some SBCS members head to Cape Canaveral for a peek at the Kennedy Space Center.

Click here for Convention Information and Links.

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