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SBCS 2015 Convention Reminders

Tie the proverbial string around your finger! Or just make a list or a note to yourself!

  • Don’t forget to bring your Show-and-Tell buildings.
  • Bring your Bidding Strategy and Dinero (Cash) for the Saturday Night Auction Action.
  • Remember to pack some goodies to donate for the raffle.
  • Be prepared to Swap and Shop at the annual SWAP Meet on Saturday morning.
SBCS 2014 SWAP Meet
SBCS 2014 SWAP Meet



Hospitality Room (in hotel): Where you can pick up Registration Packets and drop off Raffle Items.  Wed. 3 – 5 PM, Thurs & Fri. 10 AM – 12 Noon, and in afternoon.

City of Orlando Walking Tour: Conducted by members of the City of Orlando Historical Society. Will end at City Hall for SBCS Exhibit of Souvenir Buildings. 8:30 AM Friday – Meet in hotel lobby.

A quick tour will be offered to late arrivals in the afternoon and end at the City Hall SBCS Exhibit.

Meet & Greet: Light Dinner and Dessert with Hosts Marty and Jakob. Venue for Show-and-Tell with a theme of “recent finds or super favorite finds.” Sign-up in Hospitality Room for Shuttle or Car Pool. Walkable Distance. Early Evening Friday.


  • Annual Business Meeting
  • SBCS Swap Meet
  • Bus Tour to Lakeland, FL and historic Southern College
  • Cocktails, Dinner, Auction and Raffle


Oh so many choices. Meet for breakfast then onto personal interests – Cape Canaveral to Hogwarts, Antiques to Disney World.

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