Kneisel Collection in Action in Pakistan

Photo of School Children viewing Architectural Models
Architectural Styles from around the world on view in the Museum of Architecture, TDCP, Changa Manga Resort

From cherished collection to firing children’s imaginations.  Bob Kneisel’s gift to the Souvenir Building Collectors Society is beginning to make friends across the sea.  In September, 2017, the first disbursement of small buildings to a museum was sent to The MUSEUM OF ARCHITECTURE at TDCP Changa Manga Resort, Punjab, Pakistan.  Click here to access SBCSociety post on initial placement.

And now SBCS is receiving updates from Muhammad Raza Kahn, President of the Cultural Foundation of Pakistan on how Bob’s treasured pieces are being used to foster understanding of Architecture across cultures.   He is also interested in expanding and filling out the Museum’s examples of Architecture.  The attached links show the student activities during overnights at Changa Manga Resort.

Cultural Foundation of Pakistan

SBCS-Overnight Camp at Changa Manga Grp 9

If you are interested in contributing buildings to the TDCP Changa Manga Resort’s collection of architectural models, you can contact Muhammad Raza Kahn at culturalfoundationofpakistan@gmail.com.




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