2018 Boston/Brimfield Convention: Hotel Booking and Faneuil Hall


Oh look at the time! Only 2 and a half months before the next SBCS convention is upon us. With the great combo of Boston, Brimfield, and the home base of Worcester, this convention is bound to be another great celebration of souvenir buildings and our fun group. While we wait in anticipation, we’ll be posting about some of the great landmarks to look out for as you stay in the Massachusetts area. Our first stop, Faneuil Hall.
An hour away from our hotel in Worcester, MA, Faneuil Hall has been a staple in the Boston cityscape for more than two centuries. First constructed in 1743, the building was funded entirely by merchant Peter Faneuil as a meeting place and market for the city.If you look at the top of the hall’s cupola, you will see a grasshopper—though not known for sure this appears to be an homage to the the Royal Exchange building in London  that has a similar weather vane.  A fire in 1761 completely gutted the building, and a reconstruction soon followed after. In 1806, the hall was expanded and the cupola moved to the other side of the building, creating the structure that we know well today.
Though unfortunately one of its first purposes was for slave trade, the hall has worn many hats over the years. It was the site of revolutionary speeches meetings by Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty, a theatre during British occupation, and now a top tourist attraction and market. A part of Boston’s Historic Freedom Trail, thousands of visitors walk through the building to take a look into the Great Hall, walk through the market stalls, and maybe buy that Boston souvenir you’ve been waiting for!
If you have not looked into booking yet, we recommend you do soon! As stated previously, rooms will only be held until June 21st, which will be upon us before you know it.
Please go to our convention section on the website for more details. The schedule for the convention should be arriving soon, and once details are hammered out, look for registration information on our site and in the newsletter to RSVP your attendance this year.
Photo Courtesy of Seamus McMahon

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