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Pot-Metal Box-Luck: Packed and Shipped!



Chris had 55 “If it fits It ships” mid-size priority mail boxes taped and ready for packing this Friday morning.  After braving the flood of cars on the infamous 405 Freeway at peak drive-time of 7AM, Donna and her sister Alice arrived, were reinvigorated with coffee and cake, and taken to the basement.  In the short time of about 5 hours, storage boxes were unpacked, buildings distributed assembly-line fashion among the prepared shipping boxes, efforts made to balance the quality of the items, and make sure of the correct count in each box.  Then the items in each box was carefully wrapped, the box sealed and placed in a stack.  By the end of the process we had no idea what was in each box.  After all were boxed the mailing labels were printed and affixed and on their way to the Post Office.  Good Luck to all of you who ordered a Pot-Metal Box-Luck shipment.  The Kneisel Committee thanks you.


4 thoughts on “Pot-Metal Box-Luck: Packed and Shipped!”

  1. Thanks to everyone for such a great effort! Box received already today. This is a terrific way to honor someone’s legacy and I appreciate being able to share.
    Thank you again!
    Don Semler
    Swarthmore PA

  2. Thanks to everyone for this great job. We are eagerly awaiting ours!

    Hope to see you in Kansas City

    David and Jay

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Thank you so much. You are absolutely heroic! This was a great idea, a wonderful way to share Bob’s legacy with the membership he left them to.
    Thank you Chris for being the guardian and keeper of the collection, and Donna and Alice for your hard work on this project. Well done!!
    …………. Mark Fine – Toronto

  4. Kudos to Chris, Donna, Alice and whomever else facilitated this huge undertaking of sorting, packing and shipping the individual pieces of the Kniesel Collection. I’m sure I can speak for most in saying we’re very appreciative of your efforts.

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