Bob’s Better Buildings.


Bob’s Better Buildings Event

The Committee has been hard at work preparing a special selection from the fabulous and extensive estate of Bob Kneisel. Aptly named the “Bob’s Better Building” this opportunity will disperse known makers such as Banthrico, InFocus, recast Rehberger as well as other makers within the boxes. It is offering as many buildings as will fit in a USPS shipping box ( we think the average will be four items). 

These gems have all been pre packed and will be randomly selected to ensure fairness.  Each member is allowed only one box to further spreading the collection equitably.

The  parcels will be dispatched in late October. 

The price is $60 by check; $65 by Paypal. 

Open to all members current in their 2019 dues. Just fill out the form in our recent newsletter.

If you aren’t current and want to participate, no worries,  a mere $35 will get you a membership. 

Payments must be in by October 22nd. 

Looking forward to receiving mine!

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