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DOLLAR BANK: A Request – Can SBCS members help?

DOLLAR BANK, Pittsburgh, PA. Made by A.C.Rehberger.

My name is Sarah Davies and I’m the Executive Assistant to Joseph Smith, SVP of Marketing at Dollar Bank in Pittsburgh, PA. We were rooting through some old files in our office and came across an article about the Dollar Bank coin bank replicas that were produced by both A.C. Rehlberger in Chicago and by Banthrico. According to Joe, many years ago we attempted to obtain the molds from one or both of these companies with no luck. We’d love to be able get a hold of these molds so that we can get some new ones made. As far as we know, A.C. Rehlberger is out of business and are not sure of the status of Banthrico. I may be on a wild goose chase, but does your club have any information on either of these companies or any information at all that might be helpful?

Thank you so much!

Sarah Davies
Executive Assistant

to Joseph Smith, SVP of Marketing

Dollar Bank
Three Gateway Center, 9 North

Pittsburgh, PA  15222

p:  412-261-8990    f: 412-261-7560

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