Happy New Year!

A whole new decade of finding and collecting souvenir buildings has arrived. 

As we hang those new calendars, two things: our annual convention dates are October 23-25 in Jackson Mississippi and 2020 membership fees are due. There is a handy membership tab on this website. 

As President of the SBCS I would adore seeing your newest acquisition. Thanks to this community my most recent find has been identified: Moscow’s Ivan the Great Bell Tower. Although mine is diminutive in size-just two inches I’ve learned the real complex is the tallest building in the Kremlin and was built in 1508.  

That’s one of the things I like about SBCS and collecting. I learn so much about history and architecture in the process. 


Send me photos of your most recent acquisition and what makes it special to you. I will post them. My email is lechipster@aol.com

Also looking for a eager contributor(s) to this website. 

Happy Collecting!


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