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SBCS Convention 2023 Itinerary & Hotel Booking

SBCS Convention 2023
Buffalo NY

Jun 16-18, 2023

The 2023 SBCS Convention will be in Buffalo NY.

DatesFriday June 16 and Saturday June 17.
On Sunday June 18 you are all invited to cross the border and make the drive to Toronto to see Mark & Amy’s collection.

Convention Hotel – Embassy Suites by Hilton Buffalo.
It is in the heart of the city. Step outside and you’ll see the McKinley Monument and City Hall, the Electric
Building, and the Rand Building, mere blocks from the famous Gold Dome of the Buffalo Savings Bank, the
Theater District, and so much more.
Convention rate – $179.00/night.
We have negotiated the convention rate from Wednesday to Sunday nights – can come early and stay late.
All rooms are suites, with either a King bed or two Queen beds
Separate living room, bar sink, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, and more.
FREE Breakfast every day, including an omelette bar.
FREE Happy Hour every evening.
Reduced Rate Parking – $15.00/night for Valet Parking (vs. $40/night last year).
You can book your rooms right now. It does not cost anything upon booking, and the sooner you book the
easier it is for your hosts (us) to plan the convention. Here is the link to the SBCS bookings.

Please make sure to use this link, or if you prefer to call the hotel, make sure you specify that you are
attending the SBCS Convention, so that you can get the rate and your room nights will count against our
commitment. NOTE: To pick your dates, go to the top right-hand corner and click EDIT STAY, then use the
calendar like you would with any hotel reservation.
Your Co-Host, Chris Spy, is once again planning wonderful tours on Friday and Saturday.
More on that later. Trust me, you won’t want to miss these tours.

Come joins us for

  • Contests (Stay Tuned)
  • Show & Tell
  • Tours
  • Swap Meet
  • Raffle
  • Auction
  • Buffalo-themed Reception
  • Fun-filled Banquet
  • InFocusTech commemorative of an iconic Buffalo building for you to take home.

    More info to follow.

    We look forward to seeing you in Buffalo in June.

    Mark Fine & Chris Spry

SBCS Convention Online Registration

This year’s Annual SBCS Convention will be held in the City of BridgesPittsburgh, PA from June 17 to June 19, 2022.

To submit the fees & registration form for Online Registration, please follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Registration form and scan or take a photo of the completed form.
  2. Send the “Total Remitted” amount to by 
  3. Send the receipt of the above payment (email or screenshot) and the scanned copy or photo of the form to

April Sunday Zoom

It has been around six weeks since we had out last Sunday Zoom and Mark is back with another exciting Sunday Zoom for us building collectors. Let’s get to know more about it from him

Sunday Zoom – April 10 – 2PM EST

Zoom Sunday is one week away.

All members, old and new, are invited to join. Joe will be sending the link. This month’s Sunday Zoom will feature stories of some of our members “First Convention.”

There will be reminiscences and stories about meeting new people; tours; show & tell; swap meets; auctions; and raffles. For those who have yet to experience a First Convention this will be informative and eye-opening. Great fun all around. Maybe it will convince you to make the trip to SBCS 2022.

I hope to see you on Sunday, and then again in Pittsburgh.

Mark Fine – Toronto


Invitations will be sent out via Email.  If you are not a member and want to join us, here is a link to the membership application. 

Here is a quick peek from February Sunday Zoom


Souvenir Buildings make way to Local History Museum in Michigan

When we as collectors are putting together a collection, a thought of showcasing our collection to friends, family and rest of the world often crosses the minds of most of us. Therefore we invite people to our home to see our collection(/s), SBCS Conventions & SBCS Zoom calls being a couple of those golden opportunities . Thanks to the social media, it has become much easier these days to share our passion. However having our collection being displayed at a museum or a public display is one of the best ways to let a much bigger section of community see our prized & precious congregation of souvenir buildings.

One of the long time members of Souvenir Building Collectors Society, Wynn Wikman has made us proud by getting part of his collection displayed at local history Museum, Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven, Michigan. Here is a quick glance of the how tall & beautifully his collection shines in there.

Wynn’s collection at Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Here are a few words from Wynn sharing interesting facts about himself , why & how he got into collection of Souvenir Buildings and how his stunning & hand picked collection made its way to the Tri-Cities Historical Museum.

I have been a collector all my life, I started collecting souvenir buildings about 20 years ago. As an architecture aficionado I like the ability to hold a building in my hand and take in the whole thing at once. As a sculptor I appreciate the 3D form of these replicas as well as the artistic license some of the makers have taken in their creations. As a history buff I am interested in the time or events these objects represent, as well as the history of the replicas themselves. As a traveler I enjoy the memories these souvenirs give for places I have visited. I also like the variety of structures represented and the ability to create new cityscapes on a shelf.

I have a small part of my collection (less than 100) on display at a Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven, Michigan.  I included basic information about each of the replicas on display.  I arranged a shelf with a souvenir building timeline ranging from a grand tour obelisk replica to a One World Trade Center replica, a shelf with Michigan buildings, a shelf with US buildings, a shelf with foreign buildings, and a shelf with a variety of buildings made from materials other than metal, the Souvenir Buildings Miniature Buildings book, the latest SBCS newsletter, and the text below.  The pictures are of set up and Michigan buildings I have on display.

Some background to the display.  I saw a Facebook post from the museum about their then current Community Curators display asking if anyone had a collection they wanted to share.  I told them I did, and we scheduled a time frame for my display.  I found out I had 5 shelves to work with.  I then decided to dedicate one shelf to a historical overview of souvenir buildings, one to Michigan structures, one to United States structures, one to foreign structures, and one to souvenirs made with other materials than metal along with books, SBCS newsletter and other paperwork.  Most of the structures that I chose to include were vintage metal pieces, since those are the ones that interest me the most.  I selected a wide range of types of structures and locations.  I did not just include my best pieces, but ones I thought would be interesting to someone who was just being introduced to souvenir buildings.  I limited myself to 18 per shelf because I was able to include information about that many on a printed page that I mounted behind the replicas.  I included a key to what was on each shelf that listed what the structure is, where it is, the time frame that the replica was made and the material the replica was made from.

Enjoy a walkthrough of the individual shelves


Coming up!!! Feb 2022 SBCS Zoom Meet up


Invitations will be sent out via Email.  If you are not a member and want to join us, here is a link to the membership application. 

Our Zoom meeting host , Mark Fine is back with this season’s first Zoom Sunday and following are the details straight out from his pen :

It will be on Sunday February 20, 2022, at 2PM EDT.

Our First-of-2022 Zoom Sunday Special Guest Speaker will be none other than the renowned Mississippi Pediatrician and our host at the SBCS Jackson 202One convention, Dr. Steven Chevalier.

Steven has always been a collector. (Does that sound familiar?) As a child he collected sports cards, comic books, and stamps. Steven started collecting souvenir buildings with his son Ethan in 2003. He also collects contemporary art, and books, and is a die-hard Rush fan.

Steven and Ethan attended their first convention in Toronto in 2012.

Nine years later Steven hosted the SBCS Convention in Jackson, Mississippi.

And the topic? A surprise! We’ll just have to tune in find out.

But one thing is for sure that you will get to see a lot of SOUVENIR BUILDINGS , some of which might be the ones which you might have not seen ever before.

Zoom details to follow in the mail of SBCS Members. Stay tuned!!!!

Put that in your calendar folks. You will not want to miss it!

Stay well and healthy

Here’s how SBCS Zoom Meet ups bring smiles on the faces of souvenir building collectors.