In Like A Lion

March 1 is coming in like a Lion  

Top three: San Marco Lion Venezia Italy 

Bottom Left: gilded composite of Lions Club of America  

Bottom Right: Metal replica Aux Defensevrs de Belfort 1870-71 (bought at the Paris Flea Market)B5F2EB46-AFD6-4BD2-B84C-5ECA904D8403

More Information on the 2019 Convention

Greetings All,

Our hosts, Ken and Mary Russell, have released a tentative schedule for this year’s Convention.  In addition, two SBCS events have been added:  Friday night Meet and Greet for our Club at the Salty Iguana (directly across the street from the hotel) and our Board Meeting-Auction-Raffle event on Saturday night:

Wednesday June 5th:   Early Room Hopping

Thursday June 6th:

8 am            Bus#1 Leaves for Home Visits in Abilene and Lawrence Kansas (1 hour ride)

8.15 am       Bus#2 Leaves for Abilene/Lawrence Kansas

10 am          Hospitality Room opens

4.30 pm       New Member Orientation

11 pm          Room hopping ends

Friday June 7th

10-11 am      Seminar on Cleaning and Repairing Your Collection

11-Noon       Seminar on Collecting

1 – 4 pm        Two more Home Visits, near Kansas City

4 – 6:30 pm  SBCS Meet and Greet and Swap Meet, at the Salty Iguana*

6.50 pm         Buffet Opens (both Clubs)

Saturday June 8th

7-8 am          Auction Set Up ($5 fee per lot–auction averages about 200-300 lots)

8-11 am        Auction and Breakfast

1 – 3 pm        Two more Home Visit opportunities

3- 6 pm         Room Hopping

6 pm             Cash Bar opens

6.45 -8 pm   Dinner

8.15pm – ?    Our SBCS Board Meeting–Auction and Raffle*






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SBCS, aka The Souvenir Building Collectors Society has been bringing miniature building and monument collectors together for 25 years.   The Society has held a yearly convention since 1994.  It has regularly published The Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors since 1994.  This Twenty-Fifth Year is going to be a doozy!  If you haven’t yet paid your membership dues for 2019, here is the link to the Membership Page.  You will not want to miss out on some of the following perks of membership.

Twenty-Fifth Annual Convention:  June 4 – 8, 2019 in Olathe, Kansas.  Held in conjunction with the Still Bank Collectors Club.

Access to Members-only section of SBCSociety Website: Password changes on February 1, 2019.  Paid-up Members will be notified of the new password by email.

2nd Pot-Luck Box Offering from Bob Kneisel Collection: Coming this Spring. Watch for the specifics.

The Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society. 


Happy 2019

New Year….New Opportunities

Our membership dues follow the calendar year.  If you need to join or renew use the tab above to be a part of the 2019 events.

Paid members can participate in a few more Kneisel Collection boxing events.  There will be a Spring Cleaning Box which will have animals, figures and periphery (non Building) items.

Later we hope to offer a Bigger and Better Box; these will be Buildings.

This year’s Convention will be in the Kansas City area on June 4-6th.  It will be at the Embassy Suites in Olathe; 913-353-9280 code SBC at $139/suite.

We are joining the Still Bank Collectors Club event.  The convention fee will be handled by them.  There is a full schedule, with five home visits, buffet, dinner, auction and room selling.  To fully participate a one year membership fee of $45 to the SBCCA is required.  Go to for more information.

Finally, RSL Auctions has an interesting auction coming up March 23-24th.   Check out Ray and Bre on YouTube as they visit the Elliotte And Liz Harold Collection which will be auctioned off.


Buildings, not just for showcases.

This time of year a special curated Building collection comes out of boxes and out on display.

Each lovingly wrapped in tissue -it is always a joy to rediscover their beauty when I place them on my Christmas tree.

I might be quirky but they all have a special perch on the tree.  And I try and place them so the lights make them sparkle




Collection Cards?

Hi All.  Happy Holidays! Thought I’d post this year’s card.  Does anybody else showcase their buildings this way?

Would love to see any examples.



Pot-Metal Box-Luck: Packed and Shipped!



Chris had 55 “If it fits It ships” mid-size priority mail boxes taped and ready for packing this Friday morning.  After braving the flood of cars on the infamous 405 Freeway at peak drive-time of 7AM, Donna and her sister Alice arrived, were reinvigorated with coffee and cake, and taken to the basement.  In the short time of about 5 hours, storage boxes were unpacked, buildings distributed assembly-line fashion among the prepared shipping boxes, efforts made to balance the quality of the items, and make sure of the correct count in each box.  Then the items in each box was carefully wrapped, the box sealed and placed in a stack.  By the end of the process we had no idea what was in each box.  After all were boxed the mailing labels were printed and affixed and on their way to the Post Office.  Good Luck to all of you who ordered a Pot-Metal Box-Luck shipment.  The Kneisel Committee thanks you.


Don’t Miss Out. October 15th.

Pot-Metal Box-Luck


Just a friendly reminder to all current 2018 members to take advantage of an opportunity to get mystery buildings from one of the best collections in our history.

For just $25 you get up to 5 minor items from Bob Kneisel’s estate.

Cool, huh?  Details are below on the original post