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The Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society, SOUVENIR BUILDING COLLECTOR, is in it’s 27th year of publication. In 2002 the publication began to be added to the periodicals section of libraries, such as the New York City Library and the National Library of Australia. The usual content is: President’s Message, Editor’s Letter, Articles and Notices regarding Souvenir Buildings, Annual Convention Information, and Classifieds.

Back issues are available as PDFs to Members of the Souvenir Building Society.  The Volumes are listed in reverse order.  Volumes 1 – 27. No.1, are available by clicking on their link.  Scroll down to find them.

Vol.27. No.1. 2020: 25th Commemorative, Profile of member Caswell Cooke, Financial Report 2019, Collecting trivia, Kneisel Collection Committee update.

Vol. 26. No. 3. 2019: 25th Silver Anniversary Commemorative, Article on buildings in England.

Vol. 26. No. 2. 2019: SBCS / SBCCA 2019 Convention Coverage and Photos, Articles on DOWNsizing and Upgrading, Classic Buildings, Statue of Liberty. Kneisel Committee Bob’s Better Bldgs offer.

Vol. 26. No. 1. 2019: Banks as Souvenir Buildings, 25th Annual Convention information, Spring Cleaning offer from Kneisel Collection.

Vol. 25. No. 3. 2018: SBCS Facebook Group; New generation collector Seamus; Judy Tyree; Kneisel Collection News; Summer collecting in Italy.

Vol. 25. No. 2. 2018: Boston and Brimfield 2018 Convention; Michael Emrick; John Hancock Tower; Souvenir Building Network – Dixie Trainer.

Vol. 25. No. 1, 2018 :Boston/Brimfield Convention information, Tour of Boston, Boston and Brimfield Buildings

Vol. 24. No. 3, 2017: Changes in SBCS Officers; President’s Message; Greetings from Membership Chair; Letter from Editor; Chicago 2017 Convention Photo Essay; Randolph Street Market; 2018 Convention Announcement.

Vol. 24. No. 2, 2017: Frank Lloyd Wright 150th; SBCS President’s Message – collections; Interviews with San Francisco Four; In Memoriam, Ward Smith.

Vol. 24. No. 2, (Insert) 2017: Chicago Convention Brochure

Vol. 24, No. 1, 2017: Chicago Convention Hotel Information; CHI-TIGUES, guide to antique venues in Chicago area; Chicago Museums of interest; KRAFT-PHENIX CHEESE CO. author and photographer Lance Oldham.

Vol. 23, No. 3, 2017: Vignettes of sister collectors Katherine and Jerry; Souvenir Building Charms; Photos of Bronte Parsonage souvenir buildings.

Vol.23, No. 2b,2016: Homage to Bob Kneisel; KLM Ceramic Houses; Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

Vol 23, No. 2a, 2016: President’s Message; Letter from Editor; Bob Kneisel’s Collection; Mount Palomar Observatory; California Convention gathering and photos.

Vol 23, No.1, 2016: History of Woolworth Building; 2016 Convention Plans; Coldcast (resin) buildings; Merchants National Bank of Sacramento, CA; Homage to Russell Keune, FAIA.

Vol. 22, No.3, 2015: Downsizing Collections; Rita Balestrazzi collection; Bridges; Ken Smith collection; California Convention 2016; Gelbtuch Auction.

Vol. 22, No. 2, 2015: Bob Kneisel, Founding Member; SBCS on Facebook; Cittacotte – David Savanyu; Sampling of Souvenir Buildings – Joe Kopitz; Orlando Convention Album.

Vol. 22, No. 1, 2015: Beta Buildings; Building-themed holiday cards; Lance Oldham – Exchange Bank of St. Augustine; Orlando Convention Agenda.

Vol. 21, No. 3, 2014: Revised membership year; Hugh Connolly remembrance; Nashville Show & Tell, Ethan & Steven; Michael Emrick collection; 2014 Nashville Convention; The Cartier Bldg.

Vol. 21, No.2, 2014: Twenty years of SBCS revisited; Collectors Night.

Vol. 21, No. 1, 2014: Nashville agenda; Farewell to Pat Smith, James Redwine; St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans; Ryoan-Ji, Kyoto, Japan; Dixie Trainer; Vanadium Building, Pittsburgh.

Vol. 20, No. 3, 2013: Reprint of NY times, 1993, article by Paul Goldberger,”Seductive Smallness”; Paul Hirshorn collection; Fort Snelling Redux.

Vol. 20, No. 2, 2013: A Royal Collector; Mr. van Buren; Oostburg State Bank; Thimbles; Fort Totten; Fort Snelling; 2013 Convention.

Vol. 20, No. 1, 2013: Ask Mr. Building; The Temple of Castor and Pollux; Carol Detweiler, Salt and Pepper Shakers; Merchants National Bank of Sacramento; Mt. Evans Crest House; Grand Central Station.

Vol. 19, No. 3, 2012: Profile of David Savanyu; Fidelity Trust Company; Building Coin Bank; First/Alpha Building; Bush 41 & Hurley.

Vol. 19, No. 2, 2012: Toronto Show & Tell and convention photos; Alpha Buildings; Simon Hemmes, Dutch Collector of 2011; Durham Life Insurance Co; Building Fobs.

Vol. 19, No. 1, 2012: Toronto Convention Program.

Vol. 18, No. 3, 2011: Monumental Miniatures at the Frank Lloyd Wright House, Ebsworth Park; Toronto Convention Information.

Vol. 18, No. 2, 2011: Camp SBCS 2011 (Washington, DC Convention) photos.

Vol. 18, No. 1, 2011: St. Louis Exhibition call for buildings; National Building Museum Exhibition.

Vol. 17, No. 2, 2010: In Memoriam – Charlie Evers, Metro New York Convention Highlights; Challenges of Collecting; Space Needle Pen; Souvenirs from Italy.

Vol. 17, No. 1, 2010: A Tall Eiffel Tower; Rare Examples Discovered; Rare Finds; United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company.

Vol. 16, No. 3, 2009: Fidelity Savings; Waterbury National Bank; Rare Finds.

Vol 16, No. 2, 2009: Pasadena Convention Report and Photos.

Vol. 16, No. 1, 2009: In Memoriam – Dort Brown; Pre-Convention Open House; Flight Monument.

Vol. 15, No. 3, 2008: Beale Clock Tower; Rhodes Medical Arts; Rare Finds; New Sources.

Vol. 15, No. 2, 2008: Collector Blog; Gettysburg Convention Report and Photos; My First Convention; Vista House; Rare Buildings Update.

Vol. 15, No. 1, 2008: Focus on Collectors; Charlottesville Convention Guide; Stolen Memories.

Vol. 14, No. 3, 2007: Travel Tips for Charlottesville Convention; 1411 4th Avenue Bldg.; The John Davis House.

Vol. 14, No. 2, 2007: New Sources; Dallas Convention Report and Photos; Rare Buildings Update.

Vol. 14, No. 1, 2007: In Memoriam – Ronald R. “Doc” Hendrickson; Finding the Best; The Hoffman Collection; Savings Banks

Vol. 13, No. 2, 2006: Baltimore Convention Report and Photos; Texas Trivia; Angkor Wat.

Vol. 13, No. 1, 2006: In Memoriam – Dixie Trainer; Who Done It?; Bank of New Glarus; Banthrico Reference Book.

Vol. 12, No. 3, 2005: Waffles to Chocolate and Miniatures; Stadiums; New Building Replicas.

Vol 12, No. 2, 2005: Souvenir Building Museum

Vol. 12, No. 1, 2005: Life’s Not Fair; Rare Finds; Fix It Yourself; New Sources, Pictures of Currently Available Buildings.

Vol 11, No. 3, 2004: Another Holy Grail Account; New Buildings; Building Coin Banks; Rare Finds By Members; SBCS Lottery; This Generic Looking Pagoda is Real.

Vol. 11, No. 2, 2004: The Seattle Convention in Pictures; Rare Finds By Members; Why Members Collect.

Vol. 11, No. 1, 2004: Cleaning Your Collection; Souvenir Coin Banks; Unidentified Buildings; Rare Finds By Members; New Buildings; Right Building – Wrong Name.

Vol. 10, No. 4, 2003: Christmas Catalogs; Rare Finds By Members; Ask Mr. Building; Do-It-Yourself Souvenirs.

Vol. 10, No. 3, 2003: Gettysburg Convention Report; Non-Buildings; Unidentified Buildings Identified; Art Ratner – Search for rare buildings and plans for them; Seattle Convention Preview.

Vol. 10, No. 2, 2003: Miniature Monument Appears in Murder Mystery; Letters from the Editors; The Bilbowwow Doghouse; Banthrico Bank Book Review.

Vol. 10, No. 1, 2003: Charming Buildings; Catalog Round-up; Souvenir Building Celebrates Capitol Records 60th Anniversary.

Vol. 9, No. 4, 2002: The French Worsted Company; The Hartford Mutual Company; German History Museum Displays Souvenir Buildings.

Vol. 9, No. 3, 2002: The Divine Secrets of the Metal Crafters Brotherhood; The Mysterious Monument of Leipzig; San Francisco Convention Report and Photos.

Vol. 9, No. 2, 2002: Hunting Souvenir Buildings in Budapest; Art Deco Souvenir Buildings; Collectors Find Oddball Buildings; Libraries Add SBC to Periodical Collections.

Vol. 9, No. 1, 2002: Building Blocks or Plastic Prisons?; Souvenir Buildings Help Children Learn; Show Me Your Belgians; In Flanders Fields; Albany Airport Shows Souvenir Buildings.

Vol. 8, No. 4, 2001: World Trade Center; Successful Souvenir Buildings Sale; Thanks For The Memories; Wanted! Photos of Original Bank; Identical Twins? Almost, But Not Quite; Recent Finds.

Vol. 8, No. 3, 2001: Stereo Views; Display in Lobby of Empire State Building; Review of Jim Redwine’s “Coin Banks by Banthrico.”

Vol. 8, No. 2, 2001: Dreams Come True for Enthusiastic Collectors; Building Paper Buildings; Cumberland Insurance Group; Foshay Tower; Souvenir Buildings in the Middle East; Montreal Convention Report; The Famous Fridge Display.

Vol. 8, No. 1, 2001: Notre Dame du Cap; Russian Miniature Monuments, Part II; Welcome to Montreal; 2nd Annual Catalog Round-Up.

Vol. 7, No. 3, 2000 Russian Miniature Monuments; Cleveland Scores!; What is It?, Where Is It; The JFK Assassination Site; Miss Liberty Catches the Revisionist Virus; Buildings by Mail.

Vol. 7, No. 2, 2000: The Garfield Monument; Tin Building Boxes Captivate Collector; The Marketplace, How Much is that Building in the Window?; Where to Invest; The Johnson’s Wax Research Tower Lighter; The Skyscraper Museum; Tall, Taller, Tallest.

Vol.7, No.1, 2000: NYC Convention Plans; Insurance Company Issues Fine Souvenir Building; Collector Lists Little Buildings; It’s all Greek to Me, Which is Which; “Buildings That Changed the World” Book Review; Whatta Building – Goodyear Zeppelin; NYC Panorama; Shop ’Til You Drop; More Display Ideas.

Vol.6, No.3, 1999: Kronheimer & Oldenbusch; The Little Brown Church in the Vale; Members Show Little Buildings at SBCS Chicago Convention; State Capitols Revisited; Tips for the Holidays.

Vol.6, No.2, 1999: Building Collector Guide to Summer Vacation; Canadian Centre for Architecture exhibits souvenir buildings; Collecting State Capitals

Vol.6, No.1, 1999: Pencil Sharpeners; Guide to Shopping & Sightseeing in Chicago; Jefferson Standard Life Ins. Co. Building Bank; Internet Prices Realized; Cathedral Clock Building; Olympic Stadium Update; What Is It?, Where Is It?

Vol. 5, No. 3, 1998: Display Ideas; McPherson County Court House Bank; The Collectible Cycle; Cheap Go-Withs; Weird Buildings; Tips to Clean Metal Buildings; What is It?, Where Is It?

Vol. 5, No. 2, 1998: The Building Collector’s Guide to Summer Vacations; Absecon Lighthouse Shines; Ask Mr. Building; 3 Versions of Disneyland S&P Shakers; Los Angeles Convention Report and Photos; The Architecture of Cast Iron Penny Banks.

Vol. 5, No. 1, 1998: Members Uncover 100+ Rare Souvenir Buildings; Catalogs Offer Souvenir Building Bonanza; More Olympic Stadia Items Surface; Rare Souvenir Buildings from Photo Album; Banthrico List Update #2; Ask Mr. Building; Display Ideas; Need Info on Jennings Bros.; Mags Feature Souvenir Buildings; 10 More Notabuildings!

Vol. 4, No. 2, 1997: Mysterious “JB” MFGR Identified, Jennings Brothers; Washington DC Convention Report; The Rules of the Game; Book Reviews – Miniature Metal Souvenir Buildings from Germany, Ceramic Coin Banks / Identification and Value Guide; Display Ideas; What’s the Rarest of Them All?; Whatever Happened to Banthrico?; Skyscraper Museum, NYC.

Vol. 4, No. 1, 1997: Washington DC Shopper’s Guide; Preservation of Historic Souvenir Buildings and Monuments; Collector Tracks Down Mysterious Miniature; Internet Beckons for Fun and Profit; Top Ten List of NOTABUILDINGS; Parkinson Archives; Banthrico Banks; Madrid Bullring.

Vol. 3, No. 2, 1996: Football Stadiums Win Fans; Cities on Spoons; A Bit About Banthrico; Alphabetical Listing of Known Banthrico Building Banks; Collections on Display; Souvenir Buildings to Star in Museum and Gallery Shows; Rehberger Bank Book; Guide to Securing Souvenir Buildings, Part 1 – Flea market; Book Review – Souvenir Buildings / Miniature Monuments, From the Collection of Ace Architect.

Vol. 3, No. 1, 1996: In Memoriam – Gerry Rosentswieg; Capitol Collection Makes a Capital Display; Who Says It Has To Be Metal?; L.A. Griffith Observatory; ‘Architectural Digest’ Features Souvenir Building Collection; CCA Library Will Gather Souvenir Building Information; Tall Stories; The Kremlin; Investigating Art Metal Works Buildings; What Is It?, Where Is It?

Vol. 2, No. 2, 1995: Buy Little Buildings By Mail Order; Magnificent Miniatures, A History of Souvenir Buildings, Part II; First NYC Meeting Report & Snapshots; What Is It? Where Is It?, Seagram Building Lighter; Canadian Center For Architecture Exhibits Souvenir Buildings; Who Dusts All This Stuff?

Vol. 2, No. 1, 1995: The One And Only – The Chrysler Building; Magnificent Miniatures, A History of Souvenir Buildings; What Is It? Where Is It?; You Are Not Alone; Nuts & Bolts.

Vol. 1, No. 1, 1994: INAUGURAL ISSUE – Strategy for finding Miniature Buildings; How to Clean Copper Building; Northern Life Tower, Seattle; Souvenir Buildings in national Collectors’ magazine.

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  3. In answer to “how one might downsize their collection,” I found an 8 year old and 12 year old ( family members) who showed quite an interest in my collection. The natural thing to do was to give them a few to get them started on their own hunt. Needless to say they were quite thrilled!

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