In the Media

Souvenir Buildings and their collectors in the news. 

April 2012:  Darron Copeland Interview in STAMFORD MAGAZINE as the URBAN PLANNER

July 15, 2012:  Robert (Bob) White featured in “New York, New York: Building a Dream”, CRAIN’S New York Business Website. Also mentioned are Joseph Kopitz and Architect Ronnette Riley.

Sept. 30, 2010:  Darron Copeland Interview In Stamford Advocate.

July 28, 2010:  Empire Builder: Howie Gelbtuch is Donald Trump Writ Small, Wall Street Journal Article. 

April 30, 2009:  Collecting Souvenir Buildings, The Building Collector.

Dec. 2008: “Many Miniatures” Stephen Roulac’s Very Large Portfolio of Very Small Buildings, The Institutional Real Estate Letter. (No direct link to site – not clear if copyright cleared)

July 3, 2008:  Bill Trainer being interviewed by BUILDING COLLECTOR’s David Ragowski.


April 2008:  “Masters of Miniatures” Art & Antiques article featuring Ken Williams. (No direct link to site – not able to find digital print copy on Art & Antiques site – not clear if copyright cleared)

Feb. 12, 2008: “Ty, Metal Building Collector”, Collector’s Quest


Oct. 8, 2007: “Building His Collection”, Interview of Randy Rea in The Tribune, San Luis Obispo.(Fee for print copy, no digital copies available. Copyright issue)

August, 2004: International Travel News article by SBCS member Patricia S. Smith.  (attribution not clear if this is an article written for ITN magazine, an article written for SBCS or what.)

July 25, 2004: “Structural Reality”, LA Times feature article about Sheila and David Epstein.

Aug. 12, 2001: ‘Small World In A Tall Place”, CBS News, New York ( link no longer works, quick search didn’t turn up a link)

Nov. 18, 2001: Times Union,  Life & Leisure article on “Collections”  featuring a photo of David Rogowski and his souvenir buildings.  (No direct link, Copyright issue)

March 16, 1999: LA Times feature article on Tony Tremblay and Microcosms

Nov. 17, 1997: Tiny Building, big collections: bringing a little something back home, by CNN Interactive writer KC Wildmoon