More Sites of Interest

Building Collector blog is a source for both new and established souvenir building collectors. A ‘building community’ where collectors share information and knowledge about collecting and architecture. There’s so much information out there and now it can all be in one place and updated frequently.

Replica Buildings blog is run by InFocusTech and highlights the past , present and future of the company’s souvenir replica offerings.

National Building Museum – America’s premier institution dedicated to exploring and celebrating architecture, design, engineering, construction, and urban planning.

Canadian Centre for Architecture – A museum and study centre devoted to international architecture.  A catalogued collection of 983 souvenir models donated to the museum by SBCS member Barry Hoffman can be accessed by clicking here: “The Hoffman Collection”

The Ace Collection – The official website of Ace Architects, Oakland, California. It features souvenir buildings as well as full size ones!

The Great Buildings Collection – An amazing resource for images and information relating to architecture of all eras and styles. Straightforward and easy to use.