What are the benefits of membership in SBCS?

▪ Many ways to connect with a community of Souvenir Building Collectors. Lots of fun, and a great opportunity to build your collection. You’ll also find people who will actually enjoy seeing or hearing about your buildings.

▪ Full-color Newsletter: A one year subscription to the Souvenir Building Collector, The Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society, published three times a year. Includes a free 35 word classified ad for three consecutive issues.

▪ Invitations to member-only events, such as regional meetings and annual conventions.

▪ Access to Members Only section of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society Website,, with its back copies of the Souvenir Building Collector, reference materials, members photos, and a members-only building exchange.

▪ Annual membership directory.

Join the Souvenir Building Collectors  Society Today!  Receive the most current issue of Souvenir Building Collector by mail.  Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.  The rate for US members is $35 and $40 for international memberships.  A category of  Household Membership is available at $70 for US households and $80 for international households.  We will enclose a membership renewal form in the Fall/Winter Edition of  The SBCS Journal (aka our newsletter).  

To pay by check or Money order please click here to print out the Membership Application and mail it to the Membership Director as indicated in the form.

Dues for new and returning members can  also be paid with Paypal through the Souvenir Building Collectors Society Website. PLEASE NOTE: A $5 fee is added to the payment of dues for handling charges.

One Year-Single Member US

Membership for one individual residing in the United States.


One Year-Single Member Non US

Membership for one individual who does not reside in the United States


One Year-Family/Household residing in the US.

Membership for one family and/or household residing in the United States.


One Year- Family/Household not residing in the US.

Membership for One Family or Household not residing in the US.


25th Silver Anniversary Commemorative Souvenir Building

$150 per item, $5 processing fee. So it is $155 via PayPal. Purchase is open to members-in-good-standing as of 2020.