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JOIN THE SEARCH! Los Angeles Souvenir Buildings

Photo of ARCO Center
ARCO Center, Los Angeles, Grey Metal on Marble, circa 1980

The first contribution toward building a checklist of souvenir buildings / monuments / statues located in Los Angeles or Orange Counties has arrived.  Chris S.  sent in this photo of the ARCO Center, ARCO Products Company Headquarters.  He wrote, “This Arco Tower was a spec building built in the late 1980s prior to the office building bust in the 1990s.  This was the ‘lesser’ ARCO building, not the more famous ARCO Tower that housed the oil company headquarters.  This building housed the ARCO Products Division, the AM/PM Mini Marts.  ARCO has ended their lease and taken the signage off of the building.”  He speculates that this miniature was made as a souvenir for the initial occupancy or as a sales reward.  Chris found it at the Mart Collective in Venice, CA in the fall of 2014.