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European Acquisitions December 2013

Hello, folks.  I thought you might like to see some of the current souvenir buildings offered at Central European tourist destinations, and some older ones we found in antique shops and flea markets.  We spent a month in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.   We visited Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, as well as Salzburg.  On a cruise up the Danube we visited Melk, Linz, Passau, Regensburg and Nuremburg.  We also visited Rothenburg and Newschweinstien.

A photo of the souvenir buildings we collected is attached.  Some are produced in metal, but resin predominates. Here’s the list of what we found.  Harry M.

Collection of SB from European Trip
Collection of Souvenir Buildings acquired in Europe in December 2013

Row 5 (back, L – R) Rothenburg Cathedral, Rothenburg Cathedral, Newschwanstein Castle, Statue in a Budapest Park, Sphinx

Row 4 (L – R) Vienna Opera House, Regensburg “Sausage Kitchen”, Prague City Hall, St Stevens Cathedral

Row 3 (L – R) Munich Town Hall, Passau Cathedral, St Stevens Cathedral, Salzburg Cathedral, Nuremburg “Beautiful Fountain”

·Row 2 (L – R) Munich City Hal, St Vitus Cathedral, Hungarian Parliament, Melk Abbey, Schonbrun Palace

Row 1 (front) Rothenburg Cityscape, Newschwanstein Castle


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A 2012 European Collection

European Souvenir Bldgs 2012

On the front row, the Egyptian ashtray I found at the Escheri Flea Market(thanks to Bob Curtiss rec) in Budapest along with the 3 Russian buildings on the back row (large silver metal and 2 glass ones). The St Stephen’s Basilica from Budapest is sandstone. The next 3 are St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna – the first plastic sold in the bookstore of the cathedral and the other 2 metal found at street vendors. Then the resin Schonbrunn Palace from Vienna. On the back row, the first 5 are all metal – the first 2 are the Petrine Hill obs tower (Prague’s Eiffel Tower), the next one is the Astronomical Clock from Prague, and then 2 versions of Budapest’s Liberty Statue (only saw these at one high end gift shop right across from St Stephen’s). Next are the 3 Russian pieces and then one we got for our son in Amsterdam on our layover flying home.

Hope everyone is doing well! Looking forward to seeing everyone in Nashville in October!

Heading to Helsinki, Tallinn, and Riga in June. Welcoming any tips on these cities. Steven C.