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Take Advantage of the SBCS Website

The SOUVENIR BUILDING COLLECTORS SOCIETY website has lots of useful features. It is divided into a PUBLIC section (anyone can visit and view) and a MEMBERS ONLY section (for members of the SBCS).

The PUBLIC section TABS include:

  • HOME: The home page is SBCS’ face to the public. Here is where updates on activities, interesting programs, articles, stories from members are posted intermittently. If you want to stay current with SBCS programs, over to the right is a spot where you can register to receive an email when a new post goes up. Good way to stay abreast of convention plans. In that same right column there is a search field for the public areas of the website, as well as a listing of recent posts and a listing of categories. All of these can make a search a little easier.
  • ABOUT SBCS: A HISTORY of the organization which begins in 1995; IN THE MEDIA – listings with links to articles and videos in local and national publications about Souvenir Buildings and their collectors; PAST CONVENTIONS – summary of locales and the commemorative souvenir.
  • 2017 CONVENTION: Updates on the upcoming annual Convention.
  • MEMBERSHIP: List of SBCS membership benefits and link to membership application and payment.
Advertising a Souvenir Building Auction
Advertising a Souvenir Building Auction
  • SALES: There are two links under this tab, one for COMMERCIAL sales by sellers who are members of SBCS – link to the member’s commercial site can be provided, the second is for INDIVIDUAL members who would like to offer some of their collection publicly. In both instances the transaction is between the buyer and seller – SBCS only provides the means of contact. Take a look and see if you would like to take advantage of this member benefit. In the past there have been a couple of offers in the individual section.
  • CONTACT US: This tab allows you to send an email message to the site, which is reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate person. It also is a conduit for questions about souvenir buildings.
  • LINKS: There are number of links to other sites that can be used for networking, browsing, and research. You can link to the Souvenir Building Collectors’ Facebook page (a closed group – but open to accepting new friends – SBCS membership not required), The Building Collector blog, National Building Museum, Canadian Centre for Architecture, The Still Bank Collectors, etc.



The MEMBERS ONLY section (TAB) includes access to:

  • BANTHRICO BUILDINGS THEN & NOW (downloadable pdf) by Lance Oldham
  • Building Exchange / Sales: member to member, also has a Wanted page
  • Convention Photos taken by members over a number of years


  • SBCS Newletter: Listing of back issues with links to each (downloadable pdf); Updated Indexes of Articles & Features, Authors, and Topics.
  • Officers: Listing of present Society Officers.


Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
Navy Pier, Chicago, IL

Here’s a photo of a vintage Navy Pier souvenir building as  A REMINDER THAT WE MEET IN THE FALL OF 2017 IN CHICAGO!

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TIME for Renewal!

There are lots of reasons to renew (or start) your Souvenir Building Collectors Society membership.

  • Sharing your passion for small edifices with others of like mind.

  • Receiving the Souvenir Building Collector, The Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society, 3 times per year.


  • Access to the Members Only Section of the SBCSociety website with its collection of reference materials that include Volumes 1 to 23 of the SBCS Journal and Lance Oldham’s Banthrico Buildings Then & Now.

  • Access to the Members Only Section of the SBCSociety website pages with buildings for exchange or sale and a wanted list.

  • THE ANNUAL CONVENTION! Three days of exceptional tours, friendships, and trading!

Individual Memberships are USD $35.00 ($40.00 Foreign). Family/Household Memberships are USD $70.00 ($80.00 Foreign).  Click here to reach the Membership Page.

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Time is Passing Fast – SBCS Convention Hotel Discount Ends Sept. 30!

Hotel Room Discount ends on September 30. Rate goes up significantly. Good idea to make your reservations now.

Convention Late Fee is $20 for 2014 SBCS Convention registrations received after October 1st. Since registration (as of now) is by snail mail, it is time to get moving.

Click here for Registration Form and link to Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.

A quick review of the SBCS 2014 Convention Highlights:

Friday, Oct 24: Registration, Downtown Walking Tour, Meet & Greet with host and lots of Show & Tell.

A 1930s view from the State Capitol.  SBCS Walking Tour will cover this area.
A 1930s view from the State Capitol. SBCS Walking Tour will cover this area.

Saturday, Oct 25: Annual Business Meeting, The Swap Meet, afternoon Driving Tour, Dinner and featured raffle and auction.
Sunday, Oct 26: Foot-Loose and Fancy Free. Options include sight-seeing, flea market, antique shops.


1939 Postcard of Maxwell House, Nashville, TN.  Burned down in 1961.  Teddy Roosevelt is credited with coining the phrase, "Good to the last drop" while having coffee at the Maxwell House Hotel.
1939 Postcard of Maxwell House, Nashville, TN. Burned down in 1961. Teddy Roosevelt is credited with coining the phrase, “Good to the last drop” while having coffee at the Maxwell House Hotel.
Buildings, Events, Miscellaneous, News, People

READY, SET ………. SHOW & TELL! October 24, 2014

Are you ready to share a special souvenir building (or two or three) with the “heavy grazers” at our Nashville Convention Host’s home?   Show & Tell is scheduled for Friday evening, October 24.

One highlight of  Show & Tell in 2012 was David S. and his cork replica of San Giovanni Eremite, Palermo, Italy. He told how  “when he paid his entrance fee to visit the church, the monk in the the ticket booth had several replicas of San Giovanni made of cork. The monk whittled these little gems from wine and other corks, giving him something to do while in the ticket booth.” It turns out that David likes to collect souvenir buildings when he has met the person who made the building.

Photo of San Giovanni Cork Replica
Cork Replica of San Giovanni, Palermo, Italy

David’s  Show & Tell  evolved into a full article in Souvenir Building Collector, Fall-Winter 2012. Click here to view the full article.

Have you made your reservations for the Souvenir Building Collectors Society Annual Convention – October 24,25,and 26, 2014?

Click here for Program Highlights.

Click here for  Registration Materials.

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History of Souvenir Buildings

In the Spring and Fall – Winter 1995 editions of the Souvenir Building Collector, Dave Forman authored the 2 part “MAGNIFICENT MINIATURES: A History of Souvenir Buildings.”

Photo of Trylon and Perisphere souvenir building
Trylon and Perisphere Miniature Building from 1939 New York World’s Fair

He told how his “first souvenir building was a family heirloom my grandparents bought for fifty cents. It was a gleaming blue and white Trylon and Perisphere they brought back from their visit to the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Sleek and elegant, the metal miniature symbolized a promising vision of the future. Little did I know, when it eventually was passed down to me, the enormous role it would play in my own future.” Dave went on to describe how this initial replica became the foundation of his collection, which in 1995 numbered over 500. “Cathedrals, skyscrapers, monuments, museums, towers, spires and landmarks. They are tacky and elegant, crude and highly detailed, mundane and fantastic.” His “history” covered primarily the history of souvenir buildings in the United States starting with the penny bank replica of Independence Hall sold at the 1876 Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia and ending (remember his article is from 1995) with the observation that “Today building replicas are noticeably absent from the souvenir shops in airports and tourist attractions.” 1876 – Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia 1886 – Statue of Liberty, New York 1893 – World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago 1920’s & 30’s – Many replicas as company favors, commemoratives 1950’s – Tourist items from travel in the USA

The article describes some of the major manufacturers of “magnificent miniatures” as well as some of the interesting miniatures and the forms they come in – thermometers, salt & pepper shakers, cigarette lighters, etc. Click here to purchase copies of Vol 2, No 1 & 2, of Souvenir Building Collector, Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society.