More Convention Finds!

Steven C. and son, Ethan C., returned home from Nashville with lots of great additions to their collection of souvenir buildings and monuments.  Check out these photos!

Steven C. finds

Tecumseh Monument, Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD; Polar Circle (Polarcirkel 1937) Monument, Norway; St. Pauls’s Cathedral, London; Shrine Peace Memorial, Toronto; Lucy the Elephant, Margate, NJ; Ricordo Di Padova; Temple of Saturn, Baalbeck, Lebanon.


Ricordo Di Padova

Ricordo Di Padova, with St. Anthony Icon, Basilica of St. Anthony, Padua, Italy

Steven C. finds

Peace Arch Memorial, US-CN border, Blaine, WA & Surrey, BC; Fountainhead Chiropractic Hospital, Davenport, IA; Tower of America, 1968 HemisFair, San Antonio, TX; Lighthouse, Portland, ME; Sacre Coeur, Paris; Irish Cottage.

Steven C. finds

Fountainhead Chiropractic Hospital, Davenport, Iowa.

Steven C. finds

Winged Victory of Samothrace, Louvre, Paris (Nat’l Fed. of Business and Professional Women’s Club); State Capitol, Montgomery, AL; Trolley, San Francisco; St. Peter monument, Vatican.

And finishing off with a collectible Beer Tap Handle.

Steven C. Finds

Heidelberg, Germany depicted on a Heidelberg (Tacoma, WA brewery) Beer Tap Handle