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VOLUME 1 to 22 of The Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society now Available

All past issues of the Journal of the Souvenir Building Collectors Society are now available in the Members Only section of this website. All you need is a clicky finger and a password. Click here to reach the list of newsletters from Vol. 1, No 1 through Vol. 22, No. 3.   Future issues will be added as they are published.

Having the newletters available makes it easier to put up short, informational posts that remind us of and/or extend the stories encompassed within the newletters themselves.

Photo of Vincenzo Vizzari
Vincenzo Vizzari and his welcoming display of David Savanyu’s pre-ordered buildings.

For instance, in Vol. 22, No. 2, David Savanyu detailed his discovery of the shop and then the friendship with Italian architect and artisan, Vincenzo Vizzari, in Palermo. Now you can view David’s short videos  here and refresh your memory of the article without leaving the website. In this instance, the 3 videos of Vincenzo Vizzari’s City of Clay are available to whom-so-ever visits this website. In the future, other media like the newsletters may be only available to SBCS members.

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READY, SET ………. SHOW & TELL! October 24, 2014

Are you ready to share a special souvenir building (or two or three) with the “heavy grazers” at our Nashville Convention Host’s home?   Show & Tell is scheduled for Friday evening, October 24.

One highlight of  Show & Tell in 2012 was David S. and his cork replica of San Giovanni Eremite, Palermo, Italy. He told how  “when he paid his entrance fee to visit the church, the monk in the the ticket booth had several replicas of San Giovanni made of cork. The monk whittled these little gems from wine and other corks, giving him something to do while in the ticket booth.” It turns out that David likes to collect souvenir buildings when he has met the person who made the building.

Photo of San Giovanni Cork Replica
Cork Replica of San Giovanni, Palermo, Italy

David’s  Show & Tell  evolved into a full article in Souvenir Building Collector, Fall-Winter 2012. Click here to view the full article.

Have you made your reservations for the Souvenir Building Collectors Society Annual Convention – October 24,25,and 26, 2014?

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