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KNEISEL COMMENTARY on CHARMS as Souvenir Buildings in 2003

I had a hard time getting these images up and readable.  Please click on the second and third photos to see their full image.  Here is a link to a pdf of the material.


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EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION: Sept 25 & 26 Auction

Here’s your chance! That one special building or many sought-after pieces from noted SBCS member Howie Gelbtuch’s collection and other consignors! All you have to do is have a winning bid!

The bricks-and-mortar auction will be held in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Click here for the four-page flyer (pdf) from BP Auctions.

Catalogued items can be viewed now by clicking on these links for LiveAuctioneers: September 25September 26.

BP Auction, Sept. 25-26, 2015
Page 1 of four page flyer for BP Auction of Banks and Souvenir Buildings
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Charms, Spoons, Bells

“AREN’T THESE CHARMS, SPOONS, & BELLS SOUVENIR BUILDINGS, TOO?” asked Bob Kneisel in the Spring 2003 edition of The Souvenir Building Collector. He wrote:
“To many souvenir building collectors, charms in the shape of buildings are not, well … very charming. So size does matter! Many collectors draw the line at miniatures smaller than an inch or so high, and casually dismiss charms as nano-buildings (an aside here – in 2003 not many of us had yet included ‘nano’ in our vocabulary). But many other collectors accept (dare we say “seek”) these most miniature of buildings.
Here are a few reasons why:

  • Charms can have great detail
  • Charms are the only 3D versions of many buildings
  • Some charms are big, for their size
  • Charms are cheap
  • Charms don’t take up much room
  • Charms may be the only building you find at a swap meet …..”

Bob’s article went on to describe charms singularly and those that have been placed on the handle end of spoons or those that serve as handles on bells.

His Listomania Categories with some examples:

Souvenir building spoons
Souvenir Building Charms, Spoons, Bells

Click here to view Bob K’s 2003 Listomania.