And ….. OUT WITH A LAMB ……. maybe?

 Spring Cleaning Time is Now!

Orders received until April 20.  Shipped out by May 10.

It is that time of year when Souvenir Building Collector’s start to think about cleaning and dusting our Collections, and maybe, just maybe, we consider slimming down – our Collection that is.   

The Kneisel Collection is no different from other Collections; it needs slimming down.  In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, and Marie Kondo, if you are following the Netflix series, the Kneisel Committee is going to offer up selections from the Collection exclusively to current SBCS Members.  These items Bob loved, and we wish to pass the love on to other Collectors.

SBCS 2019 Spring Cleaning: Some Examples

This is no ordinary offer!   This time we are offering items from Bob Kneisel’s Collection that are NOT BUILDINGS.  This offering will be souvenir statues, busts, animals, transportation items and other non-building items.  The general rules of the offering are similar to last fall’s Pot Metal Box Luck offering: ONE Box per member. Paid-up member.  $25 dollars for a random selection of six (6) items with shipping included in the price.  Cost is slightly higher for a PayPal transaction.  

If you are interested in this exclusive offer to expand your Collection and add six randomly selected pieces to your “other” Collections, CLICK HERE for the order form.  Print and mail in your check or pay via Paypal.

See how easy it is to turn Spring Cleaning into Collection Enhancement.

In addition, SBCS Members in good standing can look forward to another Kneisel Collection offering later this year to commemorate our 25th Anniversary.  This offering will be a random selection of more desirable souvenir buildings from the Collection.  Look for details about this unique offer in our next newsletter.


Souvenir Building Collection for Sale!

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Above are just a few of the souvenir buildings included John Beasley’s collection.  Check out the collection being offered as a whole by John Beasley in the Sales/Classifieds by clicking here.

This SBCSociety website is a forum for selling or exchanging whole collections or individual buildings among collectors of miniature buildings. It is a good way to upgrade your collection or give others the opportunity to build their collections.

Convention Finds!

SBCS’s 2014 Convention is over. There were some good souvenir building and monument finds associated with the attendees’ travel, Nashville antique-ing, SBCS swapping, raffle and auction. Here are the first pictures sharing some of the take-homes.

Carolyn C. found the David sculpture, in perfect condition, at the “Big One” Nashville Flea Market on Friday. She was happy to grab it for $15.

Photo of David. Souvenir Monument.

David, Michelangelo, Italy, 5” tall, pot metal. Onyx base 2.5 “


Wynn W. scored one from his wish list at a flea market on his way home from the convention. “On the way North I made a few stops, including a flea market where I found this treasure. It has been near the top of my want list since I saw a photo of it well over 15 years ago. The finish is in excellent condition, but It looks like the Washington Monument was glued on at one time, and put on a bit crooked. I look forward to doing some major rearranging on my Washington DC shelves to make room for this piece. “

Washington DC cityscape

Washington DC cityscape, 4 1/2 inches tall, made in Japan, makers mark – Initials KT in a circle with wings, MM #246.


Many attendees left Nashville with a pocket full of refrigerator magnets that featured buildings and monuments. They were a final gift to members of SBCS from Pat Smith, who passed away earlier this year.

Refrigerator Magnets from Pat Smith

New York, Asturias, Maltese House, Wells Cathedral, HaNoi, Ellis Island, Museo Chillida, Unknown, Quebec CN.


SBCS President, Joe K did quite well and sent the following pictures of the loot with which he returned home.

Joe K. Souvenir Building Finds

Top row – United American Bank; Singing Tower – Mountain Lake, FLA; Havoline Tower – Chicago World’s Fair 1936 – 1934; Metal Sunsphere, Knoxville, TN; St. Jacob’s Stone Church, Brodbecks, PA; Statue of Liberty. Bottom Row – Oil rig – Wellington, TX; Locomotive Pencil Sharpener; Mount Rushmore; Neuschwanstein; oil rig on State of Texas outline; Befreiungshalle


Joe K Finds

Top row – Capitol Records 45 record sleeve (great graphics); Singing Tower – Lake Wales FLA; Knox County Court House; plastic Sunsphere, Knoxville, TN; Jefferson Standard Life Ins. Co., Greensboro, NC; R do Sevilla; Park Bank thermometer; United Nations cup & saucer. Bottom row – State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA (ceramic bank); Royal Manchester Exchange (porcelain box); Steamtown – Bellows Falls, VT (ceramic bank); Castillo De San Marco; The Hermitage (metal letter holder); Pikes Peak or Bust (S&P metal tray).


Joe K. Finds

Top row – Buckingham Palace; SBCS 1994-2014 Parthenon; 3 monkeys on Savings Bank. Bottom row – Seattle Space Needle pen; Blackpool S&P set; 2 unknown metal buildings; Rehberger basketball player statue


European Acquisitions December 2013

Hello, folks.  I thought you might like to see some of the current souvenir buildings offered at Central European tourist destinations, and some older ones we found in antique shops and flea markets.  We spent a month in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary.   We visited Munich, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, as well as Salzburg.  On a cruise up the Danube we visited Melk, Linz, Passau, Regensburg and Nuremburg.  We also visited Rothenburg and Newschweinstien.

A photo of the souvenir buildings we collected is attached.  Some are produced in metal, but resin predominates. Here’s the list of what we found.  Harry M.

Collection of SB from European Trip

Collection of Souvenir Buildings acquired in Europe in December 2013

Row 5 (back, L – R) Rothenburg Cathedral, Rothenburg Cathedral, Newschwanstein Castle, Statue in a Budapest Park, Sphinx

Row 4 (L – R) Vienna Opera House, Regensburg “Sausage Kitchen”, Prague City Hall, St Stevens Cathedral

Row 3 (L – R) Munich Town Hall, Passau Cathedral, St Stevens Cathedral, Salzburg Cathedral, Nuremburg “Beautiful Fountain”

·Row 2 (L – R) Munich City Hal, St Vitus Cathedral, Hungarian Parliament, Melk Abbey, Schonbrun Palace

Row 1 (front) Rothenburg Cityscape, Newschwanstein Castle