Coming up!!! Feb 2022 SBCS Zoom Meet up


Invitations will be sent out via Email.  If you are not a member and want to join us, here is a link to the membership application. 

Our Zoom meeting host , Mark Fine is back with this season’s first Zoom Sunday and following are the details straight out from his pen :

It will be on Sunday February 20, 2022, at 2PM EDT.

Our First-of-2022 Zoom Sunday Special Guest Speaker will be none other than the renowned Mississippi Pediatrician and our host at the SBCS Jackson 202One convention, Dr. Steven Chevalier.

Steven has always been a collector. (Does that sound familiar?) As a child he collected sports cards, comic books, and stamps. Steven started collecting souvenir buildings with his son Ethan in 2003. He also collects contemporary art, and books, and is a die-hard Rush fan.

Steven and Ethan attended their first convention in Toronto in 2012.

Nine years later Steven hosted the SBCS Convention in Jackson, Mississippi.

And the topic? A surprise! We’ll just have to tune in find out.

But one thing is for sure that you will get to see a lot of SOUVENIR BUILDINGS , some of which might be the ones which you might have not seen ever before.

Zoom details to follow in the mail of SBCS Members. Stay tuned!!!!

Put that in your calendar folks. You will not want to miss it!

Stay well and healthy

Here’s how SBCS Zoom Meet ups bring smiles on the faces of souvenir building collectors.

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