April Sunday Zoom

It has been around six weeks since we had out last Sunday Zoom and Mark is back with another exciting Sunday Zoom for us building collectors. Let’s get to know more about it from him

Sunday Zoom – April 10 – 2PM EST

Zoom Sunday is one week away.

All members, old and new, are invited to join. Joe will be sending the link. This month’s Sunday Zoom will feature stories of some of our members “First Convention.”

There will be reminiscences and stories about meeting new people; tours; show & tell; swap meets; auctions; and raffles. For those who have yet to experience a First Convention this will be informative and eye-opening. Great fun all around. Maybe it will convince you to make the trip to SBCS 2022.

I hope to see you on Sunday, and then again in Pittsburgh.

Mark Fine – Toronto


Invitations will be sent out via Email.  If you are not a member and want to join us, here is a link to the membership application. 

Here is a quick peek from February Sunday Zoom

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